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A competency Demonstration report, also known as CDR, is a document that reflects your engineering knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience to get selected as an engineer for an Australian immigration visa. CDR Report is prepared for Engineers Australia to prove that you are an eligible candidate for the position you applied for on an Australian immigration visa.

A perfect CDR Report is written by following all the strict guidelines of Engineers Australia mentioned in the MSA booklet. Engineers Australia Expects you to write an ideal CDR Report on your own; However, you might be an inexperienced writer so you can take professional help from reliable Service providers.

We offer our complete CDRs report writing and reviewing services, including a Summary statement Report, three career Episode Reports, continuing Professional development (CPD) Report, and Cv-Resume Report for an Australian immigration visa.

The Documents Required for CDR writing services are as follows:

  • Three Career Episodes Report (Academic/project/work bases)
  • Summary Statement Report
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Report
  • Cv-Resume Report
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Bio page of your identity
  • English language test Report
  • Academic Transcripts Certificate

The English Language tests that Engineers Australia accepts are:


We will deliver you a complete CDR Report within Three weeks.

The following Material is crucial while writing a career Episode Report: • An engineering Task you completed during your Academic program. • A project you have contributed to or are contributing to. • A specific Engineering challenge and your strategies to solve that challenge. • Your position on your previous project and current project.

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