Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (RSEA)

RSEA stands for Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment. Along with their Skill Assessment or independently, engineers can get their experience assessed via RSEA. Depending on the years of experience onshore or offshore, engineers can claim points. Please reach out to any of our experts for more information. 


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Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (RSEA)

Besides their degree, an applicant can claim points from their experience as well. In order to claim points from their work experience, they will need to get their RSEA done. For any engineering occupation besides Engineering Manager, RSEA is optional. However, for Engineering Managers, getting their RSEA done is mandatory.
Applicants who want to do their RSEA must submit color scans of the original documents. There are two options of document collection for the applicants.



Reference letter on official company letterhead to:

  • Indicate 5 main specific (not generic) duties undertaken, job title or position;
  • Indicate the exact period of employment (commencement and completion dates in dd/mm/yyyy
  • Be endorsed and dated by the manager/direct supervisor/HR Section (with official telephone &
    email address);
  • Indicate full or part-time with number of work hours;
  • Pay rate;
  • Include the company’s stamp if applicable.


As per the requirement from the EA, you will have:

  • Payslip  AND/OR  Bank Statement
  • Income Tax Return Acknowledgement or Receipt; AND/OR
  • Social Security Insurance/ Superfund/ Provident Fund/ Retirement Contribution Statement
    Reports. AND/OR
  • Work Permit/Residence Permit; AND
  • Official Contract Document from the Ministry of Labor etc.(indicating your wage, title and
    employer’s name).

RSEA incase of Self-Employed Applicant


Letters from contracting employers or clients on official letterheads stating:

  • The employer’s name o the main engineering duties or tasks performed
  • Exact period of employment (date of commencement and termination in dd/mm/yyyy
  • Number of hours worked per week
  • Salary level or pay rate
  • Invoices issued for service rendered (with your business’s stamp if applicable)
  • Number of staff employed and their occupations & the organizational charts (if applicable)


As per the requirement from the EA you will have:

  • Business Registration (as engineering company) issued by the relevant authority
  • Business tax report covering the entire period of the business operation
  • Bank Statement showing all your business transactions
  • Payroll tax receipts or acknowledgement on the wages paid to employees (if applicable)
  • Personal income tax return acknowledgement (if applicable)
  • Social Security Insurance/Retirement Contribution Superannuation Contribution Reports
    covering the period of self employment (if applicable)
  • Business Financial Report covering the entire period of the business operation (if applicable)
  • Compliance letter or Practice certificate issued by the relevant authority (if applicable)

(Note: All the documents listed above has been extracted from Engineers Australia’s RSEA Requirements)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time for an RSEA can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the volume of applications received by Engineers Australia. On average, the assessment can take several weeks to a few months.

Yes, there are professional services that can help you prepare and compile a comprehensive application for the Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment with Engineers Australia. These services can ensure that your employment documentation is properly organized, formatted, and presented to improve your chances of a positive assessment.

The Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (RSEA) is a service provided by Engineers Australia to evaluate an applicant's skilled employment history and determine its relevance to their nominated occupational category for migration purposes.

The RSEA is a crucial component for many skilled migration visa applications to Australia. It helps demonstrate that the applicant has the necessary skilled employment experience in their nominated engineering occupation, as required by the Department of Home Affairs.

Applicants typically need to provide detailed employment statements, reference letters from employers, job descriptions, pay slips or tax documents, and any other evidence that can support their claimed skilled employment experience.

Yes, the Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (RSEA) is a separate process from the Skills Assessment. Even if you have a positive Skills Assessment, you may still need an RSEA to demonstrate your relevant skilled employment experience for migration purposes.

No,  RSEA alone is not sufficient for migration to Australia. It is typically one of the required components, along with a positive Skills Assessment, English language proficiency test results, and other documentation specified by the Department of Home Affairs.

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